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Dance Matchmaker is a fast-paced dating game show that utilizes social dancing as a vehicle for matchmaking. We take 1 Star Contestant, 3 Prospective Partners, put them through the Dance Matchmaker Challenge to see who is the best match!

The media industry has produced hundreds of dance themed movies, and every single one of them shares a common theme: ROMANCE. Dance Matchmaker has developed a reality game show to explore this theme in a way that is fun and transformative for all participants!



Dance Matchmaker










Ballroom dance teacher, thrower of parties, and cynical life coach with a heart of gold. Michael has been involved in the Ballroom dance community for over 20 years as a teacher, event organizer, and performing artist. 

As the Creator of Dance Matchmaker, he is excited to offer his unique set of skills to members seeking partnerships and ready to take the challenge. With the launch of this new game show, Michael and his team are poised to make waves in reality TV.



Dance Matchmaker Kelly Lannan


When it comes to teaching, choreographing, organizing, hosting events, or promoting social dancing in Canada, Kelly Lannan is 2nd to none.

She has been a finalist at many World Championship Salsa events including the ESPN World Salsa Championships, World Latin Dance Cup, Mayan World Salsa Championships, and many other international competitions. Kelly has judged many international Salsa events including the Global Salsa Championships and has trained many dancers from student to professional.  

She is thrilled to be hosting the show, but what gives her the most pride is having the opportunity to represent her family, friends, and hometown of Calgary!


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As one of Canada’s most sought-after choreographers and trainers, Eric is excited to be a part of such an original series!

He is a former Open North American Ten-Dance Champion, a strong teacher, and certified International Ballroom and Latin adjudicator. He has traveled the world competing and judging at some of the world’s most prestigious dance events.

Eric trains dancers professionally and is ready to help transform people to become the best dance partners they can be! 


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Martin and Diana Lefebvre are one of Canada's Ballroom super couples!

Their journey began with a competitive Ballroom dance partnership that blossomed into a love story. They partnered together to compete, opened a studio, built up a community, and went on to develop one of most successful youth Dancesport programs in Canada.

Education is at the forefront of their life’s work, and they have taught thousands of people how to dance. As certified Dancesport Coaches, Judges, and Choreographers they  also work closely with DANCING CLASSROOM which promotes Ballroom dancing in elementary schools.

Martin and Diana are excited to be a part of the show to teach the Dance Matchmaker audience about how to manage a successful partnership.


Dance Matchmaker Benoit Drolet










One of Canada's most accomplished ballroom dancers, teacher and artist, Benoit Drolet has joined the Dance Matchmaker team to give contestants an Exclusive Ballroom Makeover!

As a former Canadian dance champion, Blackpool finalist, and World renowned judge, Benoit has reached the top echelons of the ballroom dance world. From there he has seen it all and can spot details from a mile away. He has developed his artistic talents and expanded them into photography, specializing in capturing human textures and vulnerability. 

With an eye for seeing what's beneath the surface of our skin, Benoit brings out the light, shadow, and beauty of the human experience.


Dance Matchmaker Nick Abote











Broadcast Media Specialist | Filmmaker | TV Producer/Director

Nico is excited about the potential for Dance Matchmaker to become a hit TV series! As a passionate Media Communications Specialist with over 14 years’ experience within the film and television industry, he has received special training in broadcast media, TV broadcasting from Journalism Institute of South Africa and is currently studying Film & Video Production at Toronto Film School. His professional interests focus on television/film production as a director, producer and editor. He is currently working on: The Dance Matchmaker TV Series as Director, The War-Hammer Documentary Series as Director, Play Afrika TV Platform + Content development, as the Executive Producer and Co-Founder, and other media related consultancy work in Canada & across Africa. Nico has performed roles as a Director, AD, Videographer, Offline Editor, Script Supervisor, DOP, Producer.

He is a member of Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers (CSIF), holds a permit with IATSE Local 212. Nico is also the Lead Production Executive with the Canada University Shooting Federation (CUSF) and also serves with The Gold-Mind Project as media producer among other organizations in Canada & Africa. In addition, he serves as board member for Chengeto Africa, a Southern African based non-profit, that utilizes Media as a form to advocate for women & girl child rights.

Nico worked on Jasmine Road Film as the EPK Producer in 2019 that has won several awards, among them: the Best Canadian Feature Film Award at Edmonton Film Festival a triple award winner at Fine Arts Film Festival at Venice Institute of Contemporary Art, California taking, BEST FEATURE FILM | BEST ORIGINAL SCORE | BEST DIRECTOR, and also Best Actor Award at INTERNATIONAL FILMMAKER FESTIVAL OF NEW YORK. A highly skilled creative, Nico co-founded an Online Web-VOD platform, Play Afrika TV, that is providing an opportunity for African creatives across the African continent to showcase their work. Among his other key achievements, Nico was the Project Manager/Deputy Head Zimpapers TV Network (ZTN) in Zimbabwe, which involved studio construction & content development. 


The World of Social Dancing

It is a community filled with music, friends, and neighbors that celebrate multiple cultures spanning across the globe. A world where all the members participate in one activity that unifies everyone: social dancing.

There are many genres in our world: Latin, Ballroom, Swing, Country, and Tango to name a few. Each genre has their own distinct languages, and yet each genre can speak to each other through a common vocabulary based on three elements: rhythm, movement, and connection.

Every weekend, all genres host diverse parties with one common goal: to connect. This is the underlying value that the social dance community offers to the individual. A way to meet and connect with other people in a safe, fun, and friendly environment.

Our community leaders are actively working to revive social dance culture. It has been devastated by the pandemic, and it now has a great need and desire to rebuild itself. Dance Matchmaker is stepping up to provide the modern tools necessary to help rebuild the world of social dancing.

Award winning musicians have expressed great interest in working together on this recovery effort; allies in the media would be greatly appreciated and supported with our community’s efforts.


Why Audience Members Will Watch Our Show

Humans have a deep need to connect with people and feel accepted. With universal themes like Music and Dancing, we offer something to everyone of all ages and backgrounds. Audience members will be entertained by our process and intrigued by this new fresh perspective in courtship and human nature. Dance Matchmaker has developed a reality game show to explore these themes in a way that is fun and transformative for all participants. 

In a post pandemic world, singles will be coming out of isolation with a great desire to become more socially active again. The ballroom community has been put on notice with dozens of dance studios and hundreds of teachers across Canada ready to address this forthcoming need. With our platform and their social networks combined, we have a built-in audience ready for the next big show.

Dance Matchmaker will become a lighting-rod for people to come together and connect through social dancing. We will be focused on helping singles to connect with like-minded people, elevate their partnership skills, and expand their social circles. Our gameshow is a platform designed to unite the ballroom community’s efforts, help singles recover their mental health, and become a viral hit TV sensation.



Introducing the Dance Matchmaker and the Hostess with the mostest: Kelly & Michael. We take the audience through the basic format of our gameshow, showcasing one of the most fashionable dance genres in North America: The Jive. Featuring the music from a man who started a movement with a khaki’s commercial in the 90s, the King of Swing himself: Brian Setzer.

If Calgary were a musician, it would be a Country star! Kelly & Michael explore the country dance and music scene in their hometown with the best teachers in the west, highlighting everyone’s favorite Country dance genre: Two-step.

Kelly & Michael introduces the audience to our next dance genre: Salsa. During this episode we feature one of Canada’s most sought-after choreographers and event organizers: Eric Caty.

Time to add some class to the show and bring it back to the beginning where formal social dancing all started: The Ballroom. This episode showcases the classic waltz featuring Canada’s ballroom super couple: Martin & Diana. 

If you want to succeed in love and life, you gotta learn to Hustle. Disco is poised for a big come back, and the Dance Matchmaker team is planning a revival.

There is no smoother musical genre than that of jazz. Kelly & Michael find the jazziest singles for a Foxtrot through the coolest jazz spots in the city. The guest teacher is one of Canada’s most accomplished ballroom dance teachers and artists: Benoit Drolet. 


CREATED BY: Michael Myroniuk
GENRE: Comedy / Drama / Romance
FORMAT: Gameshow