Dance MatchMaker is a Canada-based company that operates a unique social platform.

Dance Matchmaker







"We are passionate about creating authentic connections for people by promoting fun and friendly social dance spaces."

Founder, Michael Williams



Dance MatchMaker is a unique introductory service for people who want to connect with like-minded people in their community and lead a more socially active lifestyle.

We Aim to Provide a safe, private, and curated social network connecting people through the magic of social dancing.

Our Company is Committed to supporting local economies, tourism, dance & music event organizers.                      



Compassion – Above all things, we promote a sense of inclusivity by being warm and friendly to all our members. Kindness, understanding, and compassion never go out of style.

Respect – We celebrate diversity. People come from all walks of life and we respect individuals for their lifestyle choices. Dance Matchmaker promotes a standard of dignity towards all members of our community.

Responsibility – Members are responsible for their own actions and the experience people receive from the outcome. We aim to provide a safe environment for people to connect, and have a zero tolerance policy for harassment.

Integrity – The core value of our culture is to act with integrity, and we believe honesty is always the best policy.

Community  – The most important function to the foundation of our community is teamwork. Only by working together can we as an organization and community achieve success.

All Dance MatchMaker Members are expected to maintain these values during all their interactions within our community lessons and events. The minimum expectation for our employees & affiliates is to not only understand these principals, but to maintain and promote them at all our events.