The Problem

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Today, many online social networks platforms have become a toxic cesspool of fraud. The public was told they would help connect and bring people together, but instead they have torn communities apart and created a world of conflict. 

Users can no longer tell which profiles are real and which are fake. With catfishing scams, chat bots, fake profiles, and trolls poisoning the well, online social networks have reached a level of un-sustainable toxicity. 

To top it all off, the Owners / Administrators / Board Members / Directors / Officers of these social networks are now abusing users private information and re-selling it without their members expressed consent. It is a privacy and security nightmare.

Check out this Buzzfeed Report where the employees of online dating companies have spilled the beans to expose exactly how fraudulent dating apps operate! 


Why Choose Us?

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We Partner with the best local Dance Teachers & Music Event Organizers in every city we operate. 

Instead of endless scrolling, going to another boring coffee meetup or an expensive high stakes dinner, Dance Matchmaker provides a friendly space to connect with people, meet face to face, and have fun learning a new life-skill!

Check out our Upcoming Events community calendar for details.

We aim to prevent fraud. All new accounts begin listed as "Not Verified" until they've come out to one of our events or partner locations to meet face to face with a Licensed DM Agent.

Members can rest assured, reselling or giving third parties access to any of your personal information is NOT in our business model. We aim to create a safe-digital-space for all our members to interact.

A Unique Introductory Method

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Social dancing breaks the ice. It is a unique way of learning about someone because it removes verbal communication and forces people to have a conversation without words. The way a person moves, connects and expresses reveals a lot about how they function in their life. Some people are tense by nature, some are guarded, others are relaxed or adventurous; there are so many qualities that come out of a person through social dancing. You can learn a tremendous amount of information about a person and you never have to say a single word.

More importantly you can learn ALOT about yourself, because dancing exposes us in a way that makes us vulnerable. It's an opportunity to discover how you respond to other people’s communication style and what kind of feelings get brought to the surface. It is all of these elements / variables in play that impact why and how people have connections of varying degrees in dancing.

Dance Matchmaker is a great platform that brings a new dynamic to meeting people as a unique introductory service!